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Initially she wanted to stay away from disaster as far as possible; however, a man’s heart is like a needle in the sea—impossible to search for, impossible to understand.

You guys didn’t let me live peacefully so you should also expect the same!

May 20 actually has a special meaning for Chinese speakers, as 5-20 is a play on "I Love You" in Chinese. It's taken them 10 years to turn friendship to love.

Replete with gossip, scandal, betrayal, and a vibrant cast of real-life supporting characters, readers will be seduced by this startling new look at the infamous society swans.

And the story is dragging so much in the same way that I have already lost my patience. In spite of her desperate state she managed to stand up for herself and got a firm foothold, the only thing about her that I don't like is perhaps her tendency of overdoing stuff, not that I blame her though.

But the male lead isn't quite to my liking, I mean even at the very end I can only see him as a younger kid while We I Yang behaves so much older.

It’s also not Swedish (it has over 230 million members worldwide) but is very popular in Sweden – primarily because it’s free. It's also gained a bit of a reputation as a hook-up site, so if you're looking for something more serious it's perhaps best to read on.

This site is perfect for those of you who love to take magazine quizzes and questionnaires.


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