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This week, the boys known as the “feral Ferrys” are in the news again.

The youngest of Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry’s four sons has been told by a judge that his privileged upbringing does not place him above the law after he was caught carrying a knife for the second time in two years.

The album, a mix of covers and originals, has been analyzed over the years—perhaps excessively so—as it came about so soon after his split with Hall.

Though heartbreak is addressed in the Ferry-penned songs “Can’t Let Go” and “When She Walks in The Room” it’s not like the “Don Juan in Hell” subject matter (as Greil Marcus termed it) is foreign to Ferry, nor does he sound especially tortured or vindictive on the LP. Having said that, there is a moment during one of the tracks that makes me wonder if certain of the numbers weren’t selected with Hall in mind for Ferry to “sign,” although though that didn’t occur until after I had checked out the accompanying promo film for Ferry’s cover of Lou Reed’s “What Goes On.” “What Goes On” was originally found on the Velvet Underground’s self-titled third album, and was also issued to radio to promote the LP.

As for Sheppard, a fashion PR executive and party planner, Ferry said the realities of being a bachelor in his sixties led him to his current ladylove."You never meet people your own age who aren't married.

Unless they are divorceees knocking about, that sort of thing," Ferry told the paper.

After Hall ended their relationship to be with Jagger (the two had been having an affair), Ferry would soon begin work on his next solo record, which would become I like the idea of Duchamp taking something like a bicycle wheel and just placing it in a different context and putting his signature on it, really.

And I guess I was thinking that when I took a song that was by someone else, and did my version of it; that I was adding my stamp to it, my signature.

"He's so talented,” she told radio DJ Showbiz Shell of Sykes and their split recently. It was mutual." After dating her backup dancer Brahim for three years, Madonna apparently wrapped up their relationship towards the end of 2013.

It was Cherry, after all, who introduced Bowie to the network of musicians at New York's Apollo Theater, where he began piecing together a band to record with.

In '73 and '74 Bowie produced the Astronettes, a nonstarter that features Cherry's vocals on a curious collection of Bowie-penned tracks; the session was released in somewhat official forms in 19.

p34 p35 LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 04: Merlin Ferry, Tara Ferry, Otis Ferry and Izaac Ferry attend the UK launch of Moncler at Moncler Store on November 4, 2010 in London, England.

(Photo by Nick Harvey/Wire Image) Their life is a Jilly Cooperish mix of horses, country houses and rock’n’roll.


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