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The main representatives of Slovakian Classicism in literature include the 18th-century poet Jn Kollr and historian Pavel Afrik, who continued to write in the Czech language but whose works belong to the Slovakian literary heritage.

Both writers became the two most significant promoters of Pan-Slavism, from the philosophical concepts of Johann Gottfried Herder, who taught a glorious future for Slavs.

Elements of the spoken Slovakian language appeared before the 18th Century.

However, the first to create a literary language was Anton Bernolk in the 18th Century, used also by two Slovak writers Jozef Bajza, the author of the first Slovak novel, and the classical poet Jn Holl, who wrote epic poems in Alexandrine verse, proving that the Slovak language can be compared to the complex forms of ancient poetry.

Each region, city, and municipality has a unique character and folklore – costumes, music, songs, architecture, customs, traditions, dances and dialects. During the best festivals the whole village, city, or even the whole region follows the festival, and you can feel folklore at every turn.

Folklore festivals organised all around Slovakia serve to present the folk customs of individual regions. Read more information about the largest folklore festival in Východná.

You could say that for each village, there was a set of customs.

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Slovakia is proud of its rich folklore and folk traditions. Generally speaking, there are significant differences among festivals, and each has its own distinctive atmosphere and charm.Records cannot identify exactly why the Roma migrated from India; there are a number of possible motives, such as famine and military invasions on the part of Alexander the Great (356-323 BCE) and/or Mahmud of Ghazni (971-1030 CE).The Romani people are today found in many countries.Slovaks were subject to cultural repression by foreign governments, which is evident in much of the Slovakian literature, art and music.The emergence of a national culture and literature for Slovakia came late.However the deep traditions, some dating back hundreds of years, of the Slovak people underlie the apparent nascency of the Slovak Republic.


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