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They recreate the in-person experience of chatting with friends by letting users easily and instantly reach out to each other and then add friends or move to new chat rooms as the conversation progresses.

They are intimate platforms that don’t rely on the one-to-many dynamic of Facebook and Twitter.

Even for the most tech-hungry, Jetsons-weaned, Gen-Xers among us — like me, who proudly stands astride the digital and analog divide of the late ‘70s, and knows full well the slow crawl of promise toward reality — the notion of committing to a group video chat, for no other reason than to hang out, seems a little extra. Teenagers have no such aversion to the shared experience and expression of idle time, so livechilling was really just an idea waiting for its moment to arrive. In 2015, Pew reported that of the 73 percent of teens having smartphones, 59 percent of them were video chatting with their friends — though only 7 percent were doing it daily.

After all, the labor and stress of the average conference call seems, as the kids might say, totes inapropes when applied to an adult hangout. But in the two years since, phones have gotten faster, data plans more generous, Wi-Fi signals more robust and available, and we’ve seen a fresh boom of group video chat apps like Tribe, Houseparty, oo Voo, Airtime, or (the Boston-bred) Fam — which according to Bostinno attracted over 4.3 million users after just seven months floating around the app-verse.

That twinge you feel is the whole thing starting to sound kind of reasonable after all. The regular noise of online life seems like quite enough without rendering our friends into a grid of talking heads, competing for the microphone or glitching out when the signal wanes.

Still, the service could provide Tumblr itself with a needed boost in viewership by landing it a place in the emerging social space of the digital living room.

Step 1 in that process should be getting existing Tumblr users to migrate over to Cabana, with the incentive of having a new way to experience their content.

have turned video calling into a whole new world of online socializing.

Maybe, you don’t like the interface of some apps as well.

Still, some video calling apps may act awkward on your Android or i OS device.


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