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Irene tries to take revenge by acting that she has an amnesia. Apollo (Pol) and Irene were the best, sweetest couple around, but fate had them drift apart.

When Pol stumbled upon her again, he was surprised that Irene could not remember him; she then explains that she had amnesia.

Pol is now bent to make Irene fall in love with him again. Sure, it may have some aspects of this movie here and that movie there, but not enough to constitute a blatant rip-off like some Tagalog mainstream films do.

From the simple synopsis the movie presents via its trailers, this movie had many of my friends guessing that this is a rip-off of (the Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore movie) "50 First Dates" or the more cerebral (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet film) "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". This is actually not much of a surprise because this movie was directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

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According to Raymundo, her vision of the film was to stray away from traditional Filipino love stories (which are already too mainstream in the Philippine market) so the film was created with an aim to tell a love story with a twist.Salvador also added, "But it seems that’s all there is to it as the film clearly chose to stick to the tried and tested formula, leaving viewers with nothing new.That is, aside from the fact that the movie veers from the typical love story timeline (boy meets girl, they get together, girl leaves boy, they get back together), plus there's also an attempt to put a twist to the ending." Salvador's reviews were also similar to Rito P. Asilo wrote, "The film’s romantic three-way premise is by no means original, but Lamasan makes it work because she has no trouble making its fusion of potent drama and self-deprecating comedy (a running gag about the Virgin Mary is particularly hilarious) settle into a coherent and "relatable" story that doesn't undermine viewers' intelligence and sense of morality." Aya Tantiangco's review on Spot.When their firm receives an offer to restore an old house into a restaurant, she is ecstatic to learn that Marco will be co-owning the restaurant. Starting Over Again Composed by Michael Masser/Gerry Goffin (as Gerald Goffin) Published by Screen Gems EMI Music Inc./EMI Music Publishing Asia/Polyeast Records Corp./Prince Street Music (ASCAP)/Screen Gems/EMI Music, Inc. See more » First of all, I would like to express my warmest sycophantic remarks to all the people behind this movie for making it big and for breaching 400 million gross.Movie producers around the country just love to tag their romantic films as not the typical one; but in the end, the audience feel disgruntled with its tacky plot and character development.The film follows the life of Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Laida (Sarah Geronimo) after their break-up which occurred after the events in the second film. See full summary » Ten years ago, Ginny (Toni Gonzaga), an Architecture student, and Marco (Piolo Pascual), a History professor, began a one-of-a-kind and unpredictable love story.


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