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Swing dancing is danced socially, not just in competitions, which makes it interactive, fun and a great time as you get to meet and dance with lots of different people and have fun outside lessons too.Below you can find information on the various styles of swing dance.You see, your chance of total outright failure dramatically increases if you go to a class that's not specifically for first-time beginners or if you try to follow a video on youtube where you start out by thinking "that would be fun to learn" instead of starting at the very beginning.

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Dancecorp are the social and bridal dance lesson experts in Brisbane.It has a relaxed athletic stance, plenty of opportunity for both partners to improvise and lots of fun moves.It can be slow and playful or blazingly fast with spectacular acrobatics ('air steps' or 'aerials'), and everything in between.Swing dancing is a dance style, or a group of dances, originating from Harlem, New York with Afro-American Roots.The feeling of the dance is "swinging", as it developed to the swing style of jazz music from the 1920s to the 1940s or 50s.Our team of professionally trained and experienced dance instructors offer a variety of dance classes including Social Ballroom Dancing, Bridal Dance Classes and Booty Barre.


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