Who is hannah simone dating

She first gained recognition on Vine, where she earned more than 950,000 followers. It was called "How girls react to guys VS How guys react to girls" and featured De Storm Power and Klarity.

She collaborated with numerous other Viners, including Melvin Gregg, Alx James, and King Bach.

Her hot Instagram photos also gained her a following there. It hasn’t always been so peachy behind the scenes but I thank you all for your love and support. Love, Hannah.” In addition to the Internet notice, Hannah also has been named an Lovely Lady of the Day, and is doing modeling work for Protein World, Fashion Nova, and Trendy

When she reached 1 million Instagram followers, she posted: “Wow! I have love for everyone—even those whose lives would be made to see me fail in life. But even more unconditional love for those who love and support me too! No matter what happens in life I will continue to stay genuine and generous. Hannah lives in Los Angeles and is dating Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson.

Hannah Simone is one of the hottest women in movies and on TV.

She is from Ashland, Oregon and later moved to Los Angeles. She began dating NBA star Klay Thompson after having been tied to Kyrie Irving.

Hannah Simone revealed on Thursday she is not only expecting her first child but she also got married. News personality Jesse Giddings, according to Us Weekly.

Ferguson has very attractive hourglass body type and was chosen in 2014 as one of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue rookies.

She’s very slim, yet in the same time has large natural breasts.


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