Updatepanel hidden field not updating online dating violence

Everything is straightforward and no different from using controls inherited from - in this case no 'OK/Cancel' buttons are displayed in the bottom of the drop down box, no postback occurs when a user clicks outside control and drop down gets hidden.The server side event will be fired (if there's a handler specified) during postback from any other control from the page (in case selection change is detected). NET controls with value doesn't matter) - in this case there're action buttons displayed in the bottom of the drop down box.The grid it self is placed in one update panel, on every row in the grid, a ids to the details update panel as triggers, and it would be too inefficient.

In one example, there is a grid display a list of vehicles, on the right side of the grid, we want to display the details of the vehicle when a person clicks an item in the grid, but we want to do this so the page does not refresh.

“Conditional” means that this update panel is not updated by updates done to other update panels.

Using this method, if there are multiple update panels on the page, and you only want to update one panel not the other ones, then all update panels should be set with the render mode of “Conditional”.

From development point of view programming the control is no way different from using standard Check Box List control.

It has same events (in fact only one is of interest - On Selected Index Changed) and members (except those relevant to new rendering and client side behavior).


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