Can you chat without e mail

Both versions are localized in several languages including German, Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian and Dutch.You can download Mine Chat via the Downloads menu on this site or search the App Store from your Apple device.

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Use the handy “Alerts” feature to get notified when your name is seen or any other word you want to watch out for. Our Features page explains the differences between the versions.Do I need to stay logged in to be available for chats?Yes, you need to have the web dashboard open (and set to available! If no one is logged in, your chat box will be shown as an email form. When a visitor accesses your site from a phone or tablet, they will see a mobile-optimized version of your chat box. We'll be able to tell you if it is a legitimate email sent from Progressive. If you ever receive an email from Progressive that you're unsure about, please forward it to [email protected]'ve added Pure Chat to my site, but don't see the chat box. You may not see it because you’re looking at a version of your site that's not updated. Learn more about setting up a hosted chat page here.


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