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The series ran from April 1, 1994 to April 28, 1995 on ABC, and then was picked up by the WB, which aired new episodes until 1999.

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The third season begins right where season two’s cliffhanger left us: with Julius, uncle of basketball star Cam Calloway (Jessie T.But despite its association with the championship-winning basketball powerhouse, the half-hour Starz comedy hasn’t generated a whole lot of buzz or broader cultural conversation — not during its first, six-episode season in 2014 nor its longer second season last year.Blame that on the number of scripted series jockeying for media and public attention, racial bias — conscious or unconscious — toward shows with predominantly African-American casts, or the fact that those first two seasons were pretty hit or miss in terms of quality.Usher), clinging to life after a terrible car accident.I won’t reveal exactly what happens, but will say that Mike Epps, who plays Julius, spoke publicly earlier this year about his character’s fate.HOO also rates the clubs, lounges and restaurants around where your destination is.


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