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“But we [have to] continue to move forward and keep the show fresh and unpredictable.” Below, Melvoin explains how he and his fellow generals will be doing exactly that: WHAT ABOUT ROXY?Melvoin confirms that Catherine Bell (Denise), Wendy Davis (Joan), Alyssa Diaz (Gloria), Kelli Williams (Jackie), J. Soria (Hector) and Terry Serpico (Frank) are all back as series regulars."I wouldn't say we're back together, but we're working on things right now," he said on ."There's a lot of things that happened, there were a lot of struggles..."We did break up and we didn't just come out with a statement.I didn't really know how to go about it—it's kind of a weird thing, but we did break up.""I think it's good to kind of clear the air because I think there's been so many questions and confusion about our relationship. "It's for the best."Now that the new year has officially begun, Stanton is putting romance aside and focusing on the most important people already in her life—her two children."It's been such a crazy year for me.Exec producer Jeff Melvoin confirms to TVLine that her character (who is currently travelling overseas) will be killed off in the season premiere — a tragedy that will serve as a launching pad for an almost rebooted program.

Opposite Amanda Rosenberg at the after-party., Photographs: left, by Gregory Pace/BEImages; right, by Joe Schildhorn/bfanyc.com, digital retouching by lorna clark.Fans caught wind of a secret split when Murray liked an Instagram comment from a follower, which read in part, "May I say it might be high time to find a nice girl outside the media world? "The formerly engaged couple were spotted together as recently as early December when they stepped out arm in arm for 102.7 KIISFM's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles and later held hands at Becca Tilley's launch party for her fashion blog. After their televised engagement, Murray packed up his bags and moved to Orange County to be closer to the mother of two and start spending time together as a big family. I've had so much fun and I've learned a lot about myself," she told E! "I'm just excited to focus on myself, focus on my kids and hopefully somewhere down the road I'll meet the right person.But, I'm not really going to go out and look for it right now."So we kind of had to fight an uphill battle for a little while, and it wasn't an easy thing to do.


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