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As a result, don’t expect to have the same results in this country that you would find in a country like the United States or Canada, where online dating sites are less taboo and have been around for years.Even in a bigger city like Beirut, online dating is still not really popular.There are many options that are available in the profile page that can help the registered user to start looking for their life partner The registered user would be taken to their home page once they log in with their set user name and password.In the home page, the signed in user can see the activity panel.

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A highly sensitive subject in Arab culture, this online matchmaking site focus on a fun and friendly way to connect people without sacrificing their safety.By clicking on the activity panel, the registered user can get information regarding the names and number of people who have seen their profile.In addition to knowing the people who have viewed their profile, the registered user can get information on whether any one has marked their profile as a favorite profile.In order to complete the registration process, users have to provide their country of residence, name, age and their Email details.After completing the registration process, the registered users would be provided a separate profile page.Lebanese women are some of the most beautiful women in the world and the most beautiful in the Middle East (alongside Iranian/Persian women).


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