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While the company has yet to release a statement on the decision, "confidential medical records of private people" is now listed under the search engine's Removal Policies page, which confirms the decision.

Credit card numbers, images of signatures and bank account numbers are some of the other select things Google elects to keep out of its search results to prevent identity theft.

"Health records can show up on the Internet without patients' consent.

If he ever wanted to access them again, he had to pay 0, in the Internet currency Bitcoin, within five days.

If he didn’t, the note concluded, everything would be destroyed.“It wasn’t just a day’s worth of work,” Barnes told TIME.

Otherwise, if the incident happened on another site, then I am advising you to file the complaint with them. A: We do not ban users based on if you like them or not. You must provide valid proof such as screenshots, video/audio. A: You can sign into your own channel and Report the Vaughn Bot.

We DO NOT and CANNOT punish a member of our community for something that may or may not have happened on a different website or service as we have no valid way of verifying those incidents occurred. That is a personal issue that the parties involved need to handle. Keep in mind, the proof must be submitted in a format that allows us to view WITHOUT DOWNLOADING. Be sure to include: Date/Time Where Type of Content Type of Violation Proof as listed above Q: What are examples of Vaughn Soft TOS, Broadcasting Guidelines, or Chat Rules that will be accepted through the Report button?


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