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With the departure of Bill from the series in 1994, that business was no longer featured in the sexy light of the other characters.

"We're bringing another powerful presence to the show by getting Spencer Publications going again," Bell said.

The most advanced infantry weapon in the world of its times, it was patented in 1860 by Christian Spencer, a machinist who worked in Hartford. for Sharps and developed the Spencer on his own time.

It was the world's first practical repeater and fired a .52 caliber metallic rimfire cartridge (patented by Smith & Wesson in 1854 and perfected by Henry in the late 1850's) which completely prevented gas leakage from the back because the brass casing expanded on ignition to seal the chamber.

The young Tracy got into trouble early on for missing school and getting into fights. Navy during World War I with friend Pat O' Brien.

It had a "rolling block" (actually a rotating block) activated by lowering the trigger guard.

This movement opened the breech and extracted the spent cartridge.

Its great advantage over the muzzle loading rifles such as the Enfields and Springfields lay not only in the rapidity of fire, but also in the ability of the shooter to aim each shot.

In a normal battle situation, the muzzle loaders were fired in an aimed manner only the first few shots, thereafter it was usually a case of hurried fire after frantic loading.


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