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There's plenty of action, car chases, fight scenes and more, for those who like an action packed movie, as well as an engaging story with plenty of twists and turns.

That also means it's the time of year when fans are getting the final word on which shows will live to see another day (well, duh, "NCIS" and "The Big Bang Theory") and which ones are done for ("Last Man Standing" and "Dr.

And wounded by his love.” That love is embodied by Christina Hendricks, who stars as Trudy, the ex-wife who wanders back into his life armed with a get-rich-quick scheme he can’t resist. They’re presented with this thing – it’s not millions, it’s thousands. And other people keep coming in, so that money becomes less and less.

He can’t resist her either, much to the frustration of his best friend, Leonard (Michael Kenneth Williams, “The Wire”). I’d just finished “The Following,” and was about to leave New York. I’d worked with him on a show called “The Philanthropist” many years ago. But it’s still always just enough to still keep them.

"2 Broke Girls" will be even more broke, since CBS canceled the comedy after six seasons.

And Netflix guaranteed more controversy by greenlighting a second season of its teen-suicide drama "13 Reasons Why." A few shows are still waiting to hear whether they're in or out, but most of the big decisions have been made. Here's our guide to what's been renewed, what's been canceled, and what's still on the fence.


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