Dating from mans perspective

These articles make it seem like the dating world for men is utopian, where all a guy has to do to snag a quality woman is update his Facebook status to “Single”, put on some deodorant, trim his hipster beard, and walk out the front door (and the trimming is optional). If it really was the case that every guy could have his pick of the litter, they would be pairing up.

But, instead, we are witnessing a bizarre situation where guys can pick whoever they want, but they choose not to.

The article was focused on the perspective of women, because that is all that been written about lately, but one comment that appeared frequently was: “What about the men?

”In response to this, I present to you, dear readers, some insights about the troubles with dating, but from the men’s perspective.

This may explain why we are so clueless at what we are doing in bed, but we act like we know. Some people turn into a completely different person when they are drunk.

Let the other person learn about you while you're sober, before you get wasted with them. I've always been the type of guy who appreciates a natural look as it is, and when a girl does her makeup well, the results can be magical.

(A little while back, I posted a piece summarizing a lot of the recent literature, as well as my own opinions, on why dating has become such an impossible chore in recent years.

Marriage is meant to be, among other things, an illustration of the relationship between Christ and the church (Ephesians 5); the husband typifies Christ and the wife typifies the church.

I am always writing on the defense of my fellow sisters because I want you to understand the fullness of your self-worth.

I want you to be treated like the fearfully beautiful woman that you are and to experience a heavenly constructed love story.

Some guys say they don’t want to be tied down, others say their career takes priority, and most say they “just want to have fun”.

The question is: Could there be some deeper reason why men are shying away from relationships?


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