Who is massari dating cons consolidating police agencies

His debut album resulted in four singles, receiving Gold certification in Canada, and he continued to have international success in Europe, Asia, the Middle East.

Two of his early singles "Be Easy" and "Real Love" besides being two of his major hits in Canada, cracking the Canadian Top 10, they also charted notably in the German Singles Chart.

Sari Abboud chose this as his stage name, and aimed to change public perception of money along the way.

The up-tempo pop track, which blends Middle Eastern vibes on top of a dancefloor-ready melody, finds Massari bidding adieu to a relationship.

His music combines Middle Eastern melodies with western culture.

He started his musical career in 2001–2002, and has released three albums, Massari in 2005, Forever Massari in 2009 and Beirut in 2017.

He has had a number of hit singles in Canada, his home country of Lebanon, the Middle East, Europe, and internationally. Since then, Massari has been steadily writing and developing his sound.

After three years of preparation, he released a self-titled album Massari on CP Records.


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